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Monthly Archives: December 2008

KAWS (born Brian Donnelly) graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a BFA in illustration in 1996[1]. After graduation, KAWS briefly worked for Disney as a freelance animator painting backgrounds. He also contributed to the animated series 101 Dalmations, Daria and Doug.[2]

He began his career as a graffiti artist growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey. Later moving to New York City in the 1990s, KAWS started subverting imagery on billboards, bus shelters and phone booth advertisements. These reworked advertisements were at first left alone, lasting for up to several months, but as KAWS’ popularity skyrocketed, the ads became increasingly sought after. In addition to New York, KAWS has done work in Paris, London, Berlin and Tokyo.[3]

In the late 90s, KAWS began to design and produce limited edition vinyl toys, “an instant hit with the global art toy-collecting community,”[2] especially in Japan, where this genre is well respected and widespread. More toys and later clothing were made for Original Fake, a recent collaborative store with Medicom Toy, in the Aoyama district of Tokyo where an original limited edition product is released each week. KAWS has also participated in other commercial collaborations with Nigo for A Bathing Ape, Jun “Jonio” Takahashi for Undercover, snowboard projects with Burton, and sneakers with Nike and Vans. His most recent collaboration was with Comme des Garçons.

KAWS’ acrylic paintings and sculpture have many repeating images, all meant to be universally understood, surpassing languages and cultures. One of KAWS’ early series, Package Paintings, was made in 2000. This series, entitled The Kimpsons, subverted the famous American cartoon, The Simpsons. KAWS explains that he “found it weird how infused a cartoon could become in people’s lives; the impact it could have, compared to regular politics.”[2] In addition, KAWS has reworked other familiar icons such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man and the Smurfs.

Through all of his projects, KAWS has successfully blurred the line between fine art and mass-produced merchandise. He uses his products to allow his imagery to infiltrate a larger audience than that of the fine art world. The artist is currently an active member in both the commercial and fine art communities. Recent solo exhibitions include OriginalFake at the Bape Gallery in Tokyo (2003) and Tokyo First at Parco Gallery in Tokyo (2001). KAWS has been periodically showing both paintings and products at Colette in Paris since 1999. His work is included in the traveling exhibition Beautiful Losers, which started at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center and will be traveling through 2009 throughout the US and Europe. He recenly did Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreak special edition cd cover art


Bun B and UGK are the shit. i been on em since i was younger. i always loved the way cats from the south spit it. these cats were the truest after scarface and geto boys ugk was the only ones puttin it down for h town. they actually from Port Athur TX. this shit go. and when dj Screw got a hold of it it was through the permenthazine pandemic ensued. the under ground kings are rap fixtures and have released classics like supertight, too hard to swallow and Ridin Dirty. They will always be on top and keep releasing good music even with the untimely deathof Pimp C. R.I.P. Chad Butler

100_0670I have really been one of the biggest supporters and all out endorsers of the Hundreds. i first came across the hundreds blog when i was working at this law frim in berkeley about 2 years ago. we didnt have myspace or anything like that so i would just look at blogs. one i thought was interesting was the hundreds. i got an adam bomb shirt and  thought i was the shit cuz i had never heard of the hundreds.  later on in march of ’07 i went to the flightclub L.A. because i liked the NY so much. the flightclub is on Fairfaxa and rosewod and as  i was walking arounfd fairfax something drew me to this little boutique. they had just opened up and ithey didnt have a sign. all i saw was the little adam bomb and i said i got a shirt with this dude on it. what other companies have a little bomb guy. and this square white cat with glasses said just us. i looked around and i really liked the vibe. they had a brotha with dreds behind the counter and a buch of skateboard cats sittin in the front smokin ciggarettes, and i though this is my spot. and i follow you guys blog. when i went back to the bay all i could think about is that outhern Cali lifestyl. i love  northern california but so cal has suc a diferent feel. i started looking at te blog religiously. everymorning i would start my day with the hundreds blog. then Kanye started his blog about a year and some months ago. from then on every morning the hundreds blog  then kanye, then the highsnobiety and th e SFGATe news site. i love current evets.


well in march the hundreds opened up an sf store. and i love how their growing but for some reason its the sf storthat makeds me not like em as much. the hundreds the epitomy of southern cali nand the sf store has such a different vibe. i love the sf store eith its cave motif and all but it is not the same as the the rosewood store. i recently went in there and had my girl take pics. they didnt say shit but as soon as i ok a picture some afag said something to mr . i didnt take it personnally i know that how it goes down ande especially with such an exclusive and unique tore. but all i can say id fuck the hundreds on post. i still like the clothing but the store leaves a bad taste in my mouth.100_0671100_0672

the Bun Bx THe Hundreds collab just came ut yesterday at Premium Goods out in Houston, Texas.Houston is the shit. i love the south my dad is from the south. bt i didt know the hundreds was blowin up out there like this. i i have been studying the hundreds for about 3 years now everyday. almost to an obsessive level. which is good cuz now the boys is full blown. Bun B has been rockin the hundreds for years now. in fact i think he was one of the first celebrities that rocked the hundreds. he was always on the blog and bun always stays up on streetwear gae. i love bun. i been a UGK fan since 98 so 10 years ive been lovin their shit. my brother who is hella older than be put me on them in the 7th grade with pocket full of stones. then 2 or three years later they were on jays big pimpin which put them on a another level. i remember in highschool we used to play agame called rappers and we would just go on for days naming rappes, and someone though bun b and pimp c was made up and contended my answer. i said fuck you pecker wood and kept it moving. i tried to put the video. but i hate fuckin computers. gimme a while ill be a fuckin probun_b_thehundreds2bun_b_thehundreds11


Huf was started by proskater Keith Hufanagiel. Idk if spelling that right. But is the shit. I been coming to Huf Since ’04 so a little over 4 years I have researched/shopped/and tried to figre out what makes Huf Huf. A couple of years ago they opened up several other SF stores on Hayes and Octavia and they have continued to grow. The Huf here on Sutter and Jones is shrinking tho. They went from 3 stores to 1 and it is reallt small. Oh well. Rent is high in this part of the city and I am sure they make enough money at their other locations. This location has the higher end shit like BBC and Original fake. Along with their own Huf shit the ste is very unique. They recently opened iup an L.A. location on Fairfax on the other side of the Supreme and Alife and all that. They kinda sick but it still has an SF Vibe to it. They go and I am a Huf Supporter till the end. I remember I bought my frst Hundreds shirt there 4 years ago and now the hundreds is on Complex mags best new streetwear brands. Support the Huf. I took some pics but I didn’t want to impose or seem like all the other square ass uber trendy asian cats that go it there. Check these pics.



Today I got up and I brought my girl to work. She works on the other side of the San Mateo bridge in san Mateo. She’s over there at the Hillsdale mall. And before I drooped her off we had lunch at Jacks Gourmet Burger. The place was nice the food looked and tasted good. But the service sucked. And my stomach hurt the rest of the day. The funny thing is that while I was eating here in san Mateo on el Camino my folks and my sister were eating right next door at this Filipino diner on el Camino called the pantry. The pantry is bomb and Filipino owned. I wanted to take a picture but still feel like a fag bringing camera and all that around. So I didn’t.

The funny thing is I was eating at a restraint right next to my folks and we didn’t even know we were going to be there. And it is a cross the bridge in san Mateo so as big as the bay area is we just happened to be eating at spots right next to each other. That shits weird to me

100_0653100_0654100_0655so  dropped my girl off to work and shortly after she called me to pick her up. seems like jacks fucked her stomach up too. so i dropped her off them picked her right up. i told her i had to make my rounds down twn and forced her to go with e. i wasnt drivin her ass back to the eastbay. plus i thought she was fakingiit. my stomach hurt too but not enough to not do shit. i told her i was shopping and she felt beter after that. so we hit union square up and did what we do. looked fly  why shopping and eating. and of course stayed smeezed

100_0647we kicked it all night, played poker, busted some fleezies and did the damn thang. scot frees da was cool. only a couple days till x mas and still havent shopped, and to top it off these Olle cat want to do a secret santa. all i want for x mas is a starr. scott know whats up100_0641100_0642100_06401100_06471100_0646100_0650charmane_star_stripping

My folks went to the horse the other night and they saw chamane star. Got damn I wish I went I am a charmane star fan no joke. I would get that girl pregnant anyday even if when decided she wanted to fuck on film for the rest of her life

100_06361So we got to the Luckys and shopped for the right liquor. we were shopping for a minute ntil we cmame to the conclusion. we only drink Hennessy so why are we fooling ourselves like were gonna drink something else. we grabbed the HEEM. Privledge only and headed back to Scott Frees Spot.100_0638100_0639100_0640


We had to make a run to the Luckys for some beverages to get us nice. We made the run all piled into jays Camry and busted flows battled and quarto choked on some skittle juice so we made a song about it. As well as talked shit about broads we used to look cool.