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Monthly Archives: September 2009

so busy we have not bee able to pdate this blog. the last couple of weeks have been very trying very. make or break weeks. the last couple of weeks we have been in Los angeles getting ready for our launch meetings with distributors meeting the other people in the biz, lawyers, marketing firms, associates, other people with ther hands out. representatives from printers, textile people manufacturing people packaging people. we are being threatened to be sued by two different people. a lot of business stuff. i actually love this shit though. even the law suit stuff it makeds me think were makinf a impact. our brand has been seen all over the bay and now l.a.we left l.a. and are now on or way to tokyo to see how things are n that side of the pond. i have never been to japan but very exited. sorry we havekept everyone out of the loop. well try to update this more. but like i just said very busy very trying. this campaign is taking off swimmingly and we hope to touch way more people. a lot of people are depending on us to get this going we are doing our people proud.