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the Bun Bx THe Hundreds collab just came ut yesterday at Premium Goods out in Houston, Texas.Houston is the shit. i love the south my dad is from the south. bt i didt know the hundreds was blowin up out there like this. i i have been studying the hundreds for about 3 years now everyday. almost to an obsessive level. which is good cuz now the boys is full blown. Bun B has been rockin the hundreds for years now. in fact i think he was one of the first celebrities that rocked the hundreds. he was always on the blog and bun always stays up on streetwear gae. i love bun. i been a UGK fan since 98 so 10 years ive been lovin their shit. my brother who is hella older than be put me on them in the 7th grade with pocket full of stones. then 2 or three years later they were on jays big pimpin which put them on a another level. i remember in highschool we used to play agame called rappers and we would just go on for days naming rappes, and someone though bun b and pimp c was made up and contended my answer. i said fuck you pecker wood and kept it moving. i tried to put the video. but i hate fuckin computers. gimme a while ill be a fuckin probun_b_thehundreds2bun_b_thehundreds11


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