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Huf was started by proskater Keith Hufanagiel. Idk if spelling that right. But is the shit. I been coming to Huf Since ’04 so a little over 4 years I have researched/shopped/and tried to figre out what makes Huf Huf. A couple of years ago they opened up several other SF stores on Hayes and Octavia and they have continued to grow. The Huf here on Sutter and Jones is shrinking tho. They went from 3 stores to 1 and it is reallt small. Oh well. Rent is high in this part of the city and I am sure they make enough money at their other locations. This location has the higher end shit like BBC and Original fake. Along with their own Huf shit the ste is very unique. They recently opened iup an L.A. location on Fairfax on the other side of the Supreme and Alife and all that. They kinda sick but it still has an SF Vibe to it. They go and I am a Huf Supporter till the end. I remember I bought my frst Hundreds shirt there 4 years ago and now the hundreds is on Complex mags best new streetwear brands. Support the Huf. I took some pics but I didn’t want to impose or seem like all the other square ass uber trendy asian cats that go it there. Check these pics.



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