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Today I got up and I brought my girl to work. She works on the other side of the San Mateo bridge in san Mateo. She’s over there at the Hillsdale mall. And before I drooped her off we had lunch at Jacks Gourmet Burger. The place was nice the food looked and tasted good. But the service sucked. And my stomach hurt the rest of the day. The funny thing is that while I was eating here in san Mateo on el Camino my folks and my sister were eating right next door at this Filipino diner on el Camino called the pantry. The pantry is bomb and Filipino owned. I wanted to take a picture but still feel like a fag bringing camera and all that around. So I didn’t.

The funny thing is I was eating at a restraint right next to my folks and we didn’t even know we were going to be there. And it is a cross the bridge in san Mateo so as big as the bay area is we just happened to be eating at spots right next to each other. That shits weird to me

100_0653100_0654100_0655so  dropped my girl off to work and shortly after she called me to pick her up. seems like jacks fucked her stomach up too. so i dropped her off them picked her right up. i told her i had to make my rounds down twn and forced her to go with e. i wasnt drivin her ass back to the eastbay. plus i thought she was fakingiit. my stomach hurt too but not enough to not do shit. i told her i was shopping and she felt beter after that. so we hit union square up and did what we do. looked fly  why shopping and eating. and of course stayed smeezed


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