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100_0670I have really been one of the biggest supporters and all out endorsers of the Hundreds. i first came across the hundreds blog when i was working at this law frim in berkeley about 2 years ago. we didnt have myspace or anything like that so i would just look at blogs. one i thought was interesting was the hundreds. i got an adam bomb shirt and  thought i was the shit cuz i had never heard of the hundreds.  later on in march of ’07 i went to the flightclub L.A. because i liked the NY so much. the flightclub is on Fairfaxa and rosewod and as  i was walking arounfd fairfax something drew me to this little boutique. they had just opened up and ithey didnt have a sign. all i saw was the little adam bomb and i said i got a shirt with this dude on it. what other companies have a little bomb guy. and this square white cat with glasses said just us. i looked around and i really liked the vibe. they had a brotha with dreds behind the counter and a buch of skateboard cats sittin in the front smokin ciggarettes, and i though this is my spot. and i follow you guys blog. when i went back to the bay all i could think about is that outhern Cali lifestyl. i love  northern california but so cal has suc a diferent feel. i started looking at te blog religiously. everymorning i would start my day with the hundreds blog. then Kanye started his blog about a year and some months ago. from then on every morning the hundreds blog  then kanye, then the highsnobiety and th e SFGATe news site. i love current evets.


well in march the hundreds opened up an sf store. and i love how their growing but for some reason its the sf storthat makeds me not like em as much. the hundreds the epitomy of southern cali nand the sf store has such a different vibe. i love the sf store eith its cave motif and all but it is not the same as the the rosewood store. i recently went in there and had my girl take pics. they didnt say shit but as soon as i ok a picture some afag said something to mr . i didnt take it personnally i know that how it goes down ande especially with such an exclusive and unique tore. but all i can say id fuck the hundreds on post. i still like the clothing but the store leaves a bad taste in my mouth.100_0671100_0672


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