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sorry for the people who actually follow this blog. right now we are very busy and havent found the time to really write and update you. we have been totally submersed in the fashion industry and the oligopoly project. lookbook and grand release coming soon. the last couple of posts have justbeen our inspiration and motivation of our line coming july ’09. we will be releasing limited amounts and the are all  going to be specially made for a select loctions. we have been extremely busy in meetings everyday. meeting a lot of cool people lawyers other reps, distributors, manufacturing firms, advertising people, web design people, graphic people, it is really hard to get all these people from different areas of expertise to gall get on one page and ee your vision. this is a new movement and will suprise everyone  into fashion and streetwear. we are creating everywear. heavyly influenced by original fake and billionaire boys club. we will try to post more ad maybe some pictures.shout out to kinfolk at blvck scvle, they opening in the city  was off the hook . havent used the camera in a minute. we promise to keep it 1000


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