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i once heard yo can never spread yourself too thin and that saying is not making much sense to me. i am literally running on fumes. real life is no joke. this clothing line launch is more than one would think. again its missed deadlines. unexpected drawbacks. other various projects, and relying on other people. if one thing i learned in this proccess/life is you can never depend on anyone for your fate. you must manifest your fate. you cant wait on te ball to land in your hands. you need to have your hands out and anicipate and approach the mf. failing to prepare is preparing to fail. i actually heard some good advice from my pops today he told me the 6 p’s poor preperation produces piss poor pain. actually i think it was something else and i just made that up. i cant think of it right now. actually i think it was prior preperation produces perfect performance. or something to that efct. im gettin side tracked. well anyway. i am not good at this blog shit. because i dont take enough pictures. well i know i ont take pictures and when i do i usually dont post them. i should probably get better at that. hopefully i will do that once i move. wishful thinking.  the design stuff and other fashion stuff i posted have all been stuff i a m really admiring right now. tese are just several of my inspirations at the moment. before i stop this post i want to shout out all my people at blvckscvale they opening up their pop-up store in the city this weekend. and i also want to shout out some of the folks over there at they have the illest blog on the net right now. check their shit


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