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raekwon the game flashback memories  Raekwon feat. The Game   Flashback Memories

The sleeping king of Shaolin has made an uncanny return known lately through a number of mixtape appearances. With his latest release, Flashback Memories, the song revisits a reminiscent past for the gritty, mafioso story teller we all grew to admire in the 90’s. The momentous era which is now defined as “The golden age of Hip Hop” is far fetched from today’s contemporary rap music — where lyricism and storytelling were once key, they have now been replaced with the smoked mirrors of image and “club friendly” songs. Rae promises deliver as he did when he was apart of the New York City hip hop era that reigned supreme in the early 90’s. He’s made it clear that OB4CL2 will be keeping true to his roots and going back to what he normally does with no intent on dropping “club friendly” songs to garner commercial success. He refers to his production lineup as a “Gumbo of Heat” and rightfully so, with Hip Hop hall of famers Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, J Dilla and RZA on board, it would be hard to think otherwise. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 coming this August 11th, 2009.

Raekwon feat. The Game – Flashback Memories


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