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damn i know this whole year ive been on uber lazy blog mode. its due to being so busy at the moment. and youll know when i m bored cuz ill just take what i see dope from hypebeast and piut it up onhere. it seems like all year ive been puttin up hypebeast sht. but this hypebeast shit aint just shit im stealing its actually our research and development that were doing. we have had a million dead lines and have missed everysingle one. the olifam is soo busy with other ventures right now it is hard to coordinate. and because we are so busy when we do get together tfor meetings it is usually spent resting smeezin bleezies and playin pool. we actully have done a a lot of shoots of just that. but as you can see im a weird blogger and i always feel gay taking pictures of my peoples doin regular shit.

 when i started th blog i was going to chronicle the process of starting the brand and everything with it but as you can see that is a rarity. and tonigh is no diferent i just thought i would make an attempt. tonight we are goin out for meeshs birthday and were gonna see LMFAO at infusion lounge in the city . i dont care for LMFAO that much but we finna make somethin of it. aain sorry for the half ass blogging but get used to it cuz this is a half ass site. well for now at least. in june i promise shit will be doin it moving


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