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kkk-0082i took all these pictures a while ago when we were thinking about what makes a brand a brand. these are pics from the january or dember XXL magazine which is a magazine my kinfolk at are puttingout of business. but this magazine is the freshmen issue or the issue that shows all the up and comming rap artists and first and foreost this list isnt complete tere are al lot of other up and comers. second of all ace hood is in this isue and dont get me wrong the dude ace hood can rap but his album already came out and it flopped. third all these rappers are pretty much hipster suburban rappers athat all have topicless storyless raps that are heavy on concepts and fashion driven. its art but it isnt at the same time.

 regardless of whos on what what me and the oli fam was talking about is why is everyone heavily bbc’d  and ice creamed out. what maked that brand stand out to street wea culture and more importantly hip hip culture. i love bbc and ice cream. skater inspireddesigneds rocked by mostly white washed black dude or real hustlin cats. all their shit goes for ridiculous price. but the qualtiy and designs are on point. but why cant i have a bbc or ice cream. we needto shut thitdoen like these cats. i am kinda goin off tangts and i keep introducing prenant passages so once i start writing this i oprobably wil never stop writing about this. i just wanted to bring you into the mind tahat is creating and  the dfferent motivations/ inspirations that add color to my life. kkk-0161


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