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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The World To Dubya: Good F*%king Riddance

In his last miserable days in office, George W. Bush wished Barack well as our new Head of State:

President Bush held his final formal news conference [this morning] The final question is whether Bush thinks President-elect Barack Obama can be a “uniter, not a divider. I hope the tone is different for him than it has been for me,” Bush says.

“I am disappointed by the tone in Washington, D.C. I tried to do my part by not engaging in the name-calling — needless name-calling. … “(But) the rhetoric got out of control. I don’t know why. You need to ask those who used the words they used.”

President-elect Barack Obama will not feel isolated or lonely, Bush predicts: “He will feel the effects (of being president) the minute he walks in the Oval Office,” Bush says.

He — Bush — felt the effect immediately after being sworn in, because he then had to give his inaugural address. “But he’s a better speech maker than me,” and probably won’t be nervous. “I have never felt isolated and I don’t think he will,” Bush continues. “He’s got a fabulous family.”

“I believe the phrase ‘burdens of the office’ is overstated,” he adds, before then — in a deliberately whiny voice, saying that some think presidents should bemoan their fate. “Why did the financial collapse have to happen on my watch?” Bush says in that whine. “It’s self-pity and I don’t think President-elect Obama will be full of self-pity,” he concludes.

The president is questioned about comments made by President-elect Barack Obama and others, who have said that the USA has lost some of its moral standing in the world and isn’t admired as much as it used to be.

“I disagree with this assessment that people view American in dim light,” Bush says. He cites the aid that America has given to many of the world’s poorest nations and says that has created may friends in the world. [when] asked to say whether he’s worried because President-elect Barack Obama is philosophically so much different from him, Bush says:

“I’m not going to speculate on what he’s going to do.”When I get out of here, I’m getting off the stage. … There ought to be one person in the klieg lights at one time. …

“I wish him all the best. … It’s not a throw away line. The stakes are high. There’s an enemy that still is out there. … There’s an enemy that would like to attack America and Americans again.

Thank the Lawd this ho is finally about to sit down. This blue blooded retard brought us more pain than joy these past 8 long years. So on that note, we leave you with our favorite memory of our soon-to-be former president. A little “Sock & Awe” – Mission Accomplished.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Skull Gang – Aggy (feat. Juelz Santana, Un Kasa & Richmond Rabb)

Jim Jones – Byrdgang Swagger


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