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picture-062picture-0151picture-033picture-007i made a trip to SAntana row. these pics were taken the other week. hence the xmas stuff. i actually took a bunch of pictures a long time ago i just never put them up on this blog. i was over here at santana row in san jose and i love santana row. i love the upper class southern california fake land kinda feel but with the doen to earth laid back feel of the bay. the condos ver here are off te hook. i always loved living in the east bay becasue you always have your coice of going to the north bay. san francisco the south bay or pretty much anywhere. we went to santana row to go to the Gucci store my girls purse had some shit wrong with it and she needed them to hook her shtit up we did and just chilled for a few. smeezed shopped and ate as usual. santana row has a lot of shit you like but dont need or want but cant afford. i seen a little asian dude with a lambo and a young chick and thought tats the man. old dude mice young lookin chick good shit old dude. good shit


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