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picture-024cleaning party. ad dizzle and quatro threw a cleaning party. a really gay excuse to try to get people to clean their shit. itaint gonna work in fact i plan on getting shit mre dirty for ya. hahaha.picture-005my plan was to chill and blog, but their fuckin spot never gets internet. damnit. so i gotta wait till this fool quits cleaning up to smeeze a bleezy. this fool better hurry up. this fool quatro aint even doin nothing either. wtf maynepicture-013picture-017picture-049 this fool quatros bitchass is pretending to sleep so he doesnt clean shit. in fact i even end up ccleaning more than he does. and i hate cleaning. i ended up sweeping shit and a whole bunch of other shit so a dizzle could clean up faster. and the shole time i though quatro was faking this shit. in fact he was hella sick. and got e sick. i got hella sick to this asshol. ohh ell at lest a i get to call in sick.


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