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100_06791I am here in the parkinglot at nations like i start all my weekends. me and my girl always start our weekend the same way. nations for a bleezy and breakfast and then she goes to work in San Mateo. i was bored so i took pictures of myself after i rolled a bleezy and waited for my girl. i love saturdays and i love going to this nations. i love smeezin. this saturday was like anyother saturday. smeezing chillin went to the ollie fams spot smeezed again watched t.vmessed around on the internet a couple hours in the studio then shoping/research and whatever we have planned saturday night . i didnt go out and made it a redbox night. redbox is the shit. one of the best inventions of the millinea so far. at the ollie fam spot we did some research development and marketing plans. i think we are the shit nd youre going to love us. i have nothing else to really say so imma call it quits now. dueces 100_0681100_0686


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