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100_06671im still gettin se to taking pictures of shit. i feel like a fag with a camera but i like seeing the pictures i take. i dont know how cats walk around and take pictures of stuff in their life. i dont bring my camera everywhere just some places i think imma see some tight shit. here is a nother trip to the city. from xmas to new years i went to the city 11 times. xmas to nye is 5 days so that means i went twice a day and one day three times. and i live in the east bay paying $4 in toll each time. my girl works on tat side so it is not too inconveniant. we went to the city hella times. during the day and again at night. heres some pics i really dont pay attention to what i take pics of i just point and shoot then upload them on this site. i wish i saw something not as boring. like a mugging or a fight or a car crash.  we went to every aprt of the city. union square in my girls favorite so i was there alot but we were really all over. i love the city one of my favorite areas is lower nob hill and nob ill. my girl go  some homies over there we cop beezy and smeeze at. no pics like i said i feel gay taking pictures of shit. im an eastbay dude but i cant get enought of San francisco. its nicer than oakland and more to see and do. 100_0655100_06651100_0661100_0665


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