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Monopoly is a game we have all played as a child. it is a fun game that can be played for hours. whether its at school during play time or recess family fun hour, which im not sure i ever had or getting fucked up and playing competitive high sakes monopoly for pink slips, house deeds and sexual flavors, monopoly is always a formula for fun. but it isnt just a game. it is a metaphor for life. monolpoly is a n american classic that teaches real estate, saving, making business moves, negotiations, money managing and above all how to dominate a market by means of ruthlessness and greed.

 as a child i never realized what this game was actually about. In the past couple months my peoples started playing monopoly. this friendly game has flipped my friends and i lives rightside up upside down and every whichway.  i dont even know what theat last statement meant, but the point is we stay on this monopoly. to some of my folks its not even a game. its a way of life. i wouldnt say their obsessed with the game. but the game is actually what my folks live for. i kick it with a competitve group of money making thoruoughbreds and this game embodies everything were about. entrepeneurship, negotiations, real estate. which is good cuz the real estate maket is un fucking believable. to make a long story short. this monopoly shit is not for play. we playin real money. for pride and respect.  that last thing i wrote sounded kind of gay but its the truth losers in monopoly is a loser in life.

 monopoly is like real life tho.  you can start out fast buying everything up and end up bankrupt in a california minte. or you can pay hella taxes, in jail and broke and end up owning park place and boardwalk taxin everyone else  making money for dinner and weed. like life you can roll the dice and your at the mercy of the ivory cubes, you have to roll with whats thrown at you. play the hand you were dealt in a sense and whatever life may throw at you.

monopoly represents alot of aspects of life, american culture, capitalism, the history of america and entreprenuership and robber barons. mr. monopoly is also a metaphor in his iconic little package. that sounded kinda gay but you know what the fuck im talking about.

i dont want to say monoppoly i a lifestyle becase t isn’t its life. not the game of life but actual life.

these are the first blogs im posting and by all means this isnot a monopoly obsessed blog there is a method to this madness. so sit tight


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